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The Lengend of Khun Paen

Legendary Khun Paen lived between 1491-1529. He is the legendary Ayuthaya warrior living some 450 years ago. His name later became the name of a kind of votive tablets found at Wat Bankrang, Suphanburi Province, about a century ago. Khun paen was born in Suphanburi Province (some 70 km. northwest of Bangkok) but grew up in the close bordered Kanchanaburi Province, where the world wide well-known "Bridge over River Kwai" situated.

He was a disciple of Archan Kong, a magic-expert guru monk, for magical studies. By his skillful fighting, he was appointed by the king to be Khun or a high ranking military officer.
His biography was far more extended and rather a story by poetic authors of the early Rattanakosin period.

The Magical power of Khun paen

Based on old legends, Khun Paen was handsome and very attractive to ladies.
Although, he had many wives, but still many ladies fell in love with him. Khun Paen had magical knowledge. He used magic to make himself invulnerable and unseen to enemies, to change the marching track of the enemies to become labyrinthine field, and to change leaves of the tree to become wasps to sting enemies etc.

Khun Paen is also a master in mantra or formulas with supernatural power.
They are used for such purposes as stunning enemies, transforming his body into other forms, opening locks and chains, putting everyone else to sleep, and converting sheaves of grass into invulnerable spirit warriors. Khun Phaen also uses love formulas to captivate women, and to allay the wrath of the king.

Khun Paen was also the first who created Guman Thong. He brought the dead baby from the womb of the dead Bua Klee, one of his wives, to the Temple outer area within the chanting hall where the Buddha image is placed. The Temple and its outer area are so sacred place that no mighty ghosts or spirits can enter. Based on the legend descriptions, Khun Paen was chanting some sacred mantras to invoke the spirit of Guman Thong while roasting the dead baby on the fire.

Guman Thong defended him against enemy spirits, act as spies, got for him money and transported him at speed.

Special Khun Paen amulets

From above miracle Khun Paen story, many Archans or monks like to make Khun Paen as charming and metta amulets. Personally, I like to collect khun paen amulets as some of it are beautiful and it's effect proven to be good. According to some comments and reviews by the archans, monks and local Thai people, khun paen amulet generally is best for :

1) Able to naturally attract the opposite sex.
2) Get to be liked, trusted, respected and admired by everyone.
3) Get to develop indestructible confidence and courage.
4) Easiler to ask for favour and help.
5) Gain the "upper hand" in business or career.
6) Sucessful in everything that your do.
7) Great luck and great charm.
8) Victories in all aspects of lifes.

Phra Khun Paen Pai Koo
Phra Khun Paen
Phra Khun Paen Pim Yai

In our studies over this subject matter, Phra Khun Paen amulets are basically classified into 2 major types; the Mainstream Khun Paen and Plai Guman Khun Paen. The mainstream type is normally made with herbs, natural earth soils and incantation spells whereas the second type, are made using cemetery soils and possible inclusion of corpse materials. Hence, it is crucial to understand the background of the Phra Khun Paen so that you know what you are wearing.

Very often we do get question asking if Khun Paen amulet is suitable for members of the opposite sex to be used as talisman. The answer is absolutely yes. There is no restriction for women if they choose to wear Phra Khun Paen amulet as it works for both male and female as the essence of Khun Paen is about bringing out its charming ability to its owner apart from its protective power.

From experience Plai Guman Khun Paen never do any harm to its owner but rather increases the good fortunes in the daily life of the worshipper. This is of course the owner of Plai Guman Khun Paen must share merits accrued after performing good deeds. Just like any other good amulets, involving in vice activities is never being encouraged. Creating bad karma will only create sufferings no matter how expensive or efficacious amulets you may have in hand.

Plai Guman Khun Paen amulets will usually be portrayed with a baby GumanThong lying at the bottom of Khun Paen. At times it can also be depicted by 2 little KumanThong at each side under the pillar with hands clasped revering Khun Paen. An example of this popular Plai Guman Khun Paen type in modern history was made by Luang Pu Tim of Wat Lahanrai dubbed “King of Khun Paen” due to the sacred components comprising of unborn baby corpse powder known as Plai Guman and soils from 7 cemeteries. However, there are also other known masters whom have created Plai Guman Khun Paen using these ancient arcane knowledge.

In recent years we have noticed many Khun Paen amulets represented with certain forms of sexual elements e.g. consorts of Khun Paen, nude postures of females surrounding Khun Paen. This type of Phra Khun Paen amulets are made for the sole purpose of generating Mahasaneh or opposite sex attraction for the worshipper. We categorized this type of amulets for the Casanova. It may contain specific spells and different type of "Yin" or dark magic ingredients to uplift the cosmic energy to benefit the owner in achieving his desire for love and affection. This typical category of unothodox amulets is not dealt in this article as the main objective is to potray the original qualities of the ever popular contemporary Phra Khun Paen images.

A large majority of contemporary Mainstream Khun Paen usually do not have any GumanThong image being featured inside the sacred amulets. Even though the Mainstream Khun Paen may sometimes include GumanThong motives into the design of the amulet, it does not necessarily contain corpse materials. The reasoning behind this creation according to monks is to add extra power to the amulet.

In all forms of Khun Paen sacred images, he is been depicted by Lord Buddha’s image in meditation posture sometimes sitting on top of a lotus throne flanked by 2 pillars on each side with an embroidered rooftop. The featured Phra Khun Paen above is a masterpiece and unique creation in recent time representing Khun Paen carrying baby GumanThong and weapon swung around his left arm. This is a very powerful image with Khun Paen and GumanThong in battle readiness mode that could only be interpreted as bringing victory and success to the owner. This is the least we could understand from the mind and intention of the creator of this masterpiece.

When you are first being introduced to a Phra Khun Paen amulet, the first thing that may come into your mind is being popular with opposite sex and spending excessive money. This notion is not true. The image of Khun Paen is most appropriate for wearing when having a business negotiation with someone or business joint-venture. Having it will bring unexpected good results in addition to ushering in wealth for the owner, deciphering danger, and improve affinity with others through making difficult people to work with us.

In conjunction with this article, we also hope to bring extra benefits in term of sharing experience on some of Phra Khun Paen from different masters in this era that are not expensive but yet effective from our point of view. We have devised a research methodology by going through every individual piece for 1 week duration to experience its devine energy toward oneself and the surrounding people we came in contact with daily. Only Phra Khun Paen we have experienced to bring good experiences in one way or the other are shown here.

This article will require reader's discretion in making own judgement as to believe or not to believe as it is not the intent of SimplyBuy to promote the images represented here nor encourage any commercial interest. All Phra Khun Paen amulets featured here are from personal collections. We hope this article will serve as a good reference source to all Khun Paen enthusiasts.

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